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Grow Up Today and Support each other

Music & Storytelling in prisons

What is GUTS?

Our Objectives

Through an innovative approach we want to develop a method that will help to reduce reoffending under young offenders. We want to help them to set targets for their future and hand them tools to become better and more active citizens.

The basic idea of the project is simple, we will use rap music and storytelling as a tool to communicate with our target group and as a language for them to formulate their ideas and goals.

Monster Inside – Dendermonde Prison

GUTS Rap Festival


On 15th April 2024 we organised the GUTS international Rap Festival in Oslo, at Jessheim vgs with 15 videos participating, from 5 countries!

It was a great success and the winner was MONSTER INSIDE, a music video from Dendermonde prison in Belgium!

Benchmark Report

Practice and methodologies on storytelling and rap music


Co-building indicators and criteria to compare experiences

The Rap Festival

An online international Rap festival for young offenders

Recommendations & Guidelines

Suggestions on how to make the project replicable in other countries

Storytelling Toolkit

The GUTS project focuses on storytelling techniques and rap song-writing to support inmates to reflect on themselves and their actions, providing an opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills and sense of responsibility, in order to imagine a crime-free future. 

The storytelling toolkit provides ”ready workshop scenarios” that you can put into practice with groups of inmates within your organization or community. Each scenario includes detailed information that supports you in preparing and conducting the workshops effectively.


Associated Partner

GUTS is an Erasmus+ project – Number: 2021-1-NO01-KA220-ADU-000026560 

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