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Music Database

In this section you can find examples of audios and videos made by inmates through workshops and other activities, clustered in three main categories: Videos presented at the GUTS Rap Festival; Music in prison practices; Audio only Songs – Enjoy!

GUTS Rap Festival

The winner of the Festival is MONSTER INSIDE, a song produced in the Dendermonde Prison, Belgium

Monster Inside

Two songs from Italy, Brindisi: Le vie della Città (City’s streets) and Non cambierò (I will not change), telling about the difficult life in some neighborhoods.

Le vie della città

Non cambierò

Two songs from Portugal, telling about love and other emotions by a group of inmates at Sintra prison: Es tudo para mi (You are all for me) and Sinto fogo (I feel fire)

Es tudo para mi
Sinto fogo

Two more videos were produced by inmates in Belgium prisons: one from Merksplas and one from Turnhout


Songs produced and performed in Norway, at Kroksrud, Halden and Drammen prisons

Hard Fokus

Here below more videos taken by our work during the GUTS project

A mix of video clips representing the work done by the Dutch partner in the Netherland with the help of the producer Mihai

A summary of what happened during the workshop in Herpt, Netherlands, with all GUTS partners and teachers

Music in Prison Examples

Nilüfer Yanya’s, ‘The Florist’

A dance movie by Seppe Baeyens and Pascal Poissonnier in which 24 female prisoners perform a choreography on Nilüfer Yanya’s ‘The Florist’.

Getting rid of anger through rap

A journey through rap and poetry on which we face our limits and discover new perspectives, by rapper Francesco “Kento” Carlo

Fabbrica del Farò

This video was made with a group of young people who participated in various meetings on the topics of legality, extortion racketeering, usury and crime in July 2023, at the Fabbrica del Farò in Brindisi 

Amore e Rabbia – Love and Anger

Amore e Rabbia is a song produced at Borgo San Nicola, Lecce (Italy) by the local inmates, after a workshop on music and creative writing

Pelle Tosta

PELLE TOSTA is the song written and sung by and with the inmates of Turin’s Lorusso and Cutugno Prison in October 2022

Barre Aperte – Open Bars

A web series filmed in the juvenile penal institutions of Milan and Airola with rapper Kento.  

Lion – If I would have known
Neville ft. Chase

We are the World at Halden Prison

Prison Guards at Halden Prison, Oslo, performed the famous song We are the World

Blues at Sonder Omme, Denmark

During a workshop of the Movable Barres project, inmates played with teachers at Sonder Omme prison in Denmark

Audio songs

For privacy reasons, we are not always allowed to publish videos and especially show locations and faces – but in this section you will surely enjoy the music and lyrics of many songs produced in prison

A song written by inmates at Dordecht Prison Netherlands

Urban Jungle Rap in Dutch