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European prison dance challenge

A dance movie by Seppe Baeyens and Pascal Poissonnier in which 24 female prisoners perform a choreography on Nilüfer Yanya’s ‘The Florist’. A co-production by De Rode Antraciet vzw, a non-profit organization offering sports and culture within the prison sector in Flanders and Brussels, and international contemporary dance company Ultima Vez. The European Prison Dance Challenge was first initiated in 2018 by the Finnish Vanaja Prison, to give female prisoners the opportunity to (re)discover their femininity and to enhance certain values that might support their reintegration into society.

Il Circolo della Legalità

This video was made with a group of young people who participated in various meetings on the topics of legality, extortion racketeering, usury and crime. A legality often put in check by those who extort money from small business owners, traders and artisans with violence and threats. A practice that is unfortunately still widespread in our territory.  In July of this year, at the Fabbrica del Farò in Brindisi, in two days of filming, we managed to conclude the project, which included, among other aims, the production of a video spot on the subject of legality.

Barre Aperte

A web series filmed in the juvenile penal institutions of Milan and Airola with rapper Kento. A journey through the stories of young people subjected to penal measures through rap and theatre.

Here the teaser (

EUROPEAN PRISON DANCE CHALLENGE - BELGIUM - YouTube - Google Chrome 14_07_2023

Inside: Artists and Writers in Reading Prison

In 2016, HM Prison Reading opened for the first time to the public with artists, writers, and performers responding to its most notorious inmate: Oscar Wilde. This video goes behind the scenes, including interviews with those involved such as Ralph Fiennes, Lemn Sissay, and Marlene Dumas, readings from Ai Weiwei, Jeanette Winterson, and Ben Whishaw, and a tour around the prison, exploring works by Nan Goldin, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Felix-Gonzalez-Torres, even entering the very cell in which Wilde was incarcerated.

EUROPEAN PRISON DANCE CHALLENGE - BELGIUM - YouTube - Google Chrome 14_07_2023

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Pelle Tosta

Francesco ‘Kento’ Carlo is an Italian rapper who teaches young inmates how to write verses, choruses and punchlines. In his workshops he encourages people to channel their anger, frustration and temptation to hurt others and, more often, themselves, into creativity. PELLE TOSTA is the song written and sung by and with the inmates of Turin’s Lorusso and Cutugno Prison in October 2022, a project of Fondazione Circolo dei lettori with Città di Torino and Biblioteche Civiche Torinesi.